Jami, Eddie & twins Cobie & Billie

We decided to use a doula for the first time with my 3rd pregnancy because I was expecting twins and I knew it was going to be a very different experience than my previous two births.

My first two births had been very straightforward, drug free, vaginal with zero interventions and as soon as we were told we were having twins it was automatically a more stressful and high-risk experience.

 I decided a doula would be valuable for not only me but for my husband too so that he could be more present and enjoy the experience of seeing his twins born without the added stresses of being my solo support person. 
He delivered our first child at home in a fast unplanned home delivery, and with our second baby he said he wished he could have experienced that again however it didn’t occur to us at the time. 

Natasha was the most valuable, and wonderful part of our birth experience (aside from delivering two healthy babies of course). he helped to ease a lot of my emotional stress and anxiety leading up to the birth.

For a birth that was already going to be much more medical than what I was used to with more scary scenarios as a possibility we were extremely on edge and nervous about what the experience would bring.

Having Natasha there gave us both piece of mind but also the most invaluable thing of all which was that my husband could fully enjoy this experience as his own too. She enabled us to express our wishes for my husband to help deliver our babies (which did happen). To have someone there to encourage us and remind us of what we wanted to help facilitate a beautiful experience was incredible.

 My husband Eddie tells everyone now that they should consider a doula. And we both look back on the experience as one of our absolute favourite.

We both felt so secure and reassured knowing Natasha was there for us and that she knew what we wanted in various scenarios should they occur.

Natasha helped it become a really special and magical experience we could share together instead of it being something I was going through with my husband there supporting me solely.

We highly recommend Natasha, she is extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and non judgemental about all aspects of labour and birthing. Her labour support is second to none as well as her pregnancy support and post birth support. Compared to our first two experiences without a doula we can absolutely say with complete confidence that Natasha’s doula services are amazing and contributed to our most favourite and magical birth experience. 






Rachel, Lee & baby Otis

Rachel testimony;

Tash was the ultimate calming presence for my husband and was so intuitive when it came to my needs. We could not have done it without her energy, guidance and support. As a first time mother I was freaking out, but Tash made my entire journey a really positive one. Forever thankful she was a part of bringing our little man into the world.

Lee testimony;

I have no idea how I would have gotten through the day without Tash. She was calm, constantly helpful, and was a warm, familiar link between me and the midwives. She provided every possible help to allow me to be there 100% for my wife. I couldn't recommend Tash enough, and will not hesitate to have her part of the birth of our second child (whenever the time comes!).

Tamara, Jason & baby Ishaq

Tamara testimony:
Having Natasha as our doula was one of the best choices we made for our first birth experience and I'd love to have her with us again the next time around. We didn't take any birthing classes but didn't feel like we missed out on anything since we had Natasha. We loved her from the day we met her and knew she'd be right for us. She's not just resourceful and encouraging but she's such a warm and loving person and helps you feel completely comfortable. Before the birth she would regularly touch base with me making sure I was feeling positive and in the right frame of mind. I know without a doubt, that I wouldn't have been able to labour as long and as well as I did at home, if Natasha hadn't been there with me. During each contraction she would remind me to breathe through and help make the right sounds to stay calm and not get overwhelmed by the pain. She had essential oils and a heat pack for my back that brought relief during the labour and she guided my husband in how and where to massage and support me in a way that would help most. Simply having her in the room through the whole process (at home and in hospital) brought a sense of peace. She's truly gifted in being a doula and at supporting couples through such a vulnerable and magical time.
I'm so glad we found her!!!

Jason testimony:
Including Natasha in on our pregnancy journey was one of the best decisions we made. I had never heard of a doula before but now I wonder how people go through pregnancy without one. Natasha brought such clarity and peace to all the uncertainty and questions that accompany having your first child. We didn't do any antenatal classes (on the recommendation from friends that they are costly & unhelpful) and didn't feel like we missed out on anything. During labour, it was especially helpful and reassuring to have Natasha guide me so I could be the best possible support to my wife, as the whole process can leave you feeling quite helpless, not knowing what actually will benefit my wife in the moment. We loved having Natasha guide us through such a special time - she really made the difference ensuring a wonderful experience!


Ryan baby pic.jpg

      Somayeh, Majid & baby Ryan

Somayeh testimony

When I met Tash I immediately knew she was a good match for me. She was very polite and professional yet friendly and laid back. Tash didn't push any specific type of birth but instead supported our decisions. In prenatal visits; we talked about how I envisioned my birth, practised different labour positions and made a birth plan. When my due date was getting closer, we were constantly in touch.  When true labour came on she was with me every step of the way. She distracted me in between contractions and prepped me when one was coming. At the hospital she was a great advocate reminding me of things I wanted to ask my doctor and midwives when my mind was else where. I can be a little anxious in a hospital setting so having Tash there with her calming presence was a huge relief. Tash worked along side the midwives and doctors. She provieded emotional and physical support through painful contractions. Even though her focus remained on me the entire time, she was a great multi tasker. Tash was incredibly professional in all aspects of the birth but most importantly she is truly passionate about what she does. The birth was the most rewarding experience of my life and I would do it all again, as long as Tash could be there of course.

Majid testimony

I feel so blessed to have Tash with us supporting not only my wife but also myself. She made sure the room was peaceful and Somayeh and I could be together through the whole process while she ran around getting water, ice, new towels. Not only was Tash there physically for us but emotionally, encouraging my wife and giving me great tips to support Somayeh through the process with massage, breathing techniques etc.

I can honestly say our experience would have been completely different if Tash's support was not there. It made our experience 110% better than it would have been. I would recommend for any husband who's wife is about to give birth to make your life easier and have Tash there so you can make both your lives more peaceful and realaxed.