Magnesium benefits during pregnancy

The role of magnesium begins its importance when we are preparing the body for pregnancy. 

Magnesium helps build and repair body tissue in both mother and fetus. A severe deficiency during pregnancy can lead to pre-clampsia, toxemia, birth defects, infant mortality, in women with hypertension that can cause hemorrhaging in the brain of infants, cerebral palsy born weighing less than 3.3 pounds. 

It also helps with morning sickness, leg cramps, tiredness, relax muscles for birthing, reduction in mental retardation, prevent seizures, help the uterus contract, lower gestational diabetes.

Magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride are used in obstetrics to stop premature labour.

You can grab magnesium oil or flakes for bath or digest in powder form for best results.  

For pregnant women the bath itself is very relaxing with the real allure of a half hour of no responsibility and no interruptions. A warm bath is not only safe but very soothing for the pregnant-mum-to-be by taking pressure off their bodies extra weight.

*Always discuss with your doctor or care provider before using.