Hi my name is Natasha, a mother of 3 and a doula passionate about providing the utmost holistic support emotionally, physically & spiritually in preparation for my clients birth. I studied at Australian Doula College & continue to learn about the evolving world of birth.

I endeavor to assist you in the navigation of medical terminology, protocols & hospital systems. I will always embrace your birth vision & wishes by communicating with hospital staff, nurturing mother & support partner, keeping the birth space peaceful.

The path into becoming a doula, my true passion in life came from reading & understanding what a doula was with my first birth.

My personal journey into motherhood has entailed an emergency c-section & natural water birth (VBAC). I faced many decisions, circumstances & a roller coaster of emotions good & bad. It is all part of the beautiful journey & who I am today.

Many memories will be made as you both journey into parenthood; I am passionate about making the memory of your birth a positive holistic experience.

Birth support is so important to me as women will always remember their birth story no matter how many years go by. Its a day that stays with you forever & I'm passionate about making it a positive birth story for all women.

It would be a privilege to support you in such a sacred time through pregnancy & birth. I would be truly honoured to meet with you to discuss any further questions.

Natasha x

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